Vinay K Jain

I come from a business background and my father owned a small Rice Processing Plant in Central India. At its best, it was one of the best and hugely profitable Rice Mill in the Region running with a huge monopoly. But slowly and gradually the Rice Mill began to run into losses and by the time I finished my schooling, it was on the verge of bankruptcy and closed down. ​My Father told me, “Vinay tum ko jo karna hai ab khud se karna hoga”. It was extremely difficult for me to believe it since it was once a hugely profitable business running well.​Listening to discussions at home amongst my Parents and my Father and his partners, I understood that non-recovery of dues and delayed payments were the biggest reason behind the downfall and closure of once a very profitable business.
"The More you Delay to Start Recovery of Your Dues, The Farther & Lesser Your Money Becomes"

- Vinay Jain

Lack of knowledge of correct provisions, lack of expertise, inability to afford the high costs of legal proceedings, all lead to insurmountable debts which lead to the downfall and closure of our family business. ​Not only did my father lose his business but he also lost his precious health during those challenging years due to the continuous losses and pressure of keeping afloat and trying to save a losing battle and suffering from Diabetes, Blood Pressure & Hypertension. He still had a family to support.
Having experienced it all firsthand, I then chose Law as my Career since I was determined to help and assist small to medium size business owners like my Father from losing their businesses due to delayed payments or non-payment of dues. I was fortunate to get admission to the Five Years Law Course of Government Law College, Mumbai (the oldest Institution of Law in Asia).

I started helping Business Owners / MSMEs at different levels to recover their dues and also remove the complications from their businesses. ​We were fortunate to win some good & big cases against large PSUs and Corporates on behalf of small business owners.​ But over the years I realized something else needed to be done to solve this nationwide problem of all MSMEs / Business Owners increase the awareness of recovery provisions and also make them self-reliant since not everyone is able to afford a high-cost recovery proceeding which at times may take years and years.​I then decided to use my experience and study and research more extensively to educate and empower Business Owners and MSMEs to be able to recover the majority of their dues on their own at Zero Cost. And this Course is the outcome of that extensive research & hard work. If you are reading this, then I congratulate you on having reached so far and being so close to gaining that knowledge and skillset & wish you all the Best.
Let's help to make India better.​
Jai Hind !!
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